Bridal Headpieces

The wedding day is so special! It symbolizes the key values of our philosophy: commitment, passion and the creation of everlasting jewels to be inherited from one generation to another. We believe that the piece that you are wearing today, that embellishes you and makes you shine, can we worn in the future by your children and grandchildren.


Each jewel tells a life story, a family tradition. It evokes memories, feelings of happiness and love, moments of your life that you will never forget. An exceptional inherited piece connects you with those who worn it first, whether they are with you now or looking after you from the distance.

All the women of my family got married with my grandmother´s earrings. Daughters, granddaughters, nieces and daughters in law shared that unique piece. It made us feel special and reminded us that she was there with us in such a special day of our lives. This is how the story of an inherited jewel is written.

It surprises me how bridal headpieces are so regularly undervalued when they actually are a very special adornment that enhances the bride’s beauty. A unique headpiece is a symbol of elegance which praises the dress, the hair and the makeup. We must not forget the earrings, another special protagonist on the wedding day, as well as all the jewels that make a bride shine.

The bride in her wedding day is a magic fairy. Her jewels complement and complete her style.

I am not a headpiece maker, I am a goldsmith of art jewels that creates with love and dedication an everlasting piece for your special day.

Sarah Kosta Wedding Collection Blog 03

Sarah Kosta Wedding Collection Blog 02

PH: Kako Abraham
Model: Lucía Lois
Hair: Diego Alfonso
Makeup: Adriana Rodríguez

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